Lesson 80: Esther - Part 1

Once there was a very great king whose name was Ahasuerus. He was very rich and made a feast at his palace and invited his princes and many of his people. On the last day of the feast, Ahasuerus called for Queen Vashti to come to the feast and show off her beauty. Vashti was busy making a great feast for the women around the palace, so she did not want to go to the king's feast. This made the king very angry. The king and his princes decided that Vashti would not be the Queen any longer. The king and the princes called for all the most beautiful ladies in the kingdom to come before the king so he could choose the most beautiful one to be his Queen.

One of the beautiful ladies who came before the king was Esther. Esther's mother and father had died and her Uncle Mordecai took care of her and raised her. Mordecai told Esther not to tell anyone that she was a Jewess, an Israelite. When the king saw Esther, he chose her for his Queen because she was the most beautful.

One day Mordecai sat in the king's gate and heard two men planning to do the king great harm. Mordecai sent a messenger to tell Esther about this so she could go and warn the king of this great danger. When the king learned about the plan to harm him, the two men were arrested and put to death. The king's secretaries made a record of what Mordecai had done in saving the king's life.

The king had a servant name Haman who did not like the Jews. So Haman told the king that these people, the Jews, were not good to have in his kingdom. Haman asked the king if he could have all the Jews put to death (Esther 3:8-9). The king thought Haman was a good servant, so he gave him permission to do what Haman thought best.

In the next lesson, we will learn how Mordecai and Esther help save the lives of their people, the Jews.

  1. Why was the king angry at Vashti?
  2. Who became the new queen?
  3. What did Mordecai hear when he was in the king's gate?
  4. Was Haman a friend of the Jews?

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