Lesson 72: Saul Anointed King

Saul and a servant went out to look for Saul's father's asses which were lost. They searched everywhere but could not find them. Saul wanted to return to his father but the servant told Saul that there was a wonderful man in the city near them. He said this man might be able to tell them where the asses were. The servant said that this man was Samuel and he was a very good man because he obeyed God. Sometimes he was able to tell people things that they did not know themselves. Samuel was the priest in Israel. So Saul and the servant went to see Samuel.

When they found Samuel, Saul was very surprised because Samuel acted like he was expecting them. Samuel had food already for them to eat. You see Samuel was a prophet of God. God had spoken to Samuel and told him that Saul would come to him that day (1 Samuel 9:15-17).

God was Israel's king but the Israelites wanted a king like the other nations so they asked Samuel if they could have one. Samuel had prayed to God and now God was helping Samuel to find a king for the Israelites. God told Samuel to anoint Saul king over the Israelites. Saul was the first king of Israel.

The next day, before Saul and the servant left for home, Samuel told them that his father's asses had been found. Then Samuel spoke to Saul and told him that God was going to anoint him king over Israel. Samuel told the servant to pass on ahead of them. Then Samuel took Saul and poured a vial of oil on Saul's head and anointed him king.

  1. Who was helping Saul to look for his father's asses?
  2. Who was Samuel?
  3. Did Samuel know that Saul was going to come to see him?
  4. Who was the first king over Israel?

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