Lesson 69: Ruth

During the time of the story of Ruth, the Israelites were living in peace. The nations around them were not troubling them. However, a famine came upon the land. There was not enough rain, so the crops burnt from the sun and could not grow. Many of the cattle died, too.

At this time Elimilech and his family were living in Bethlehem. He and his family decided they would go to the land of Moab because they heard there was no famine there. In Moab they would be able to grow food and get enough to eat. The name of Elimelech's wife was Naomi. They had two sons name Mahlon and Chilion.

One day, while in the land of Moab, Elimelech died. Later on each son married a woman from the land of Moab. The name of one of the wives was Ruth and the other was Orpah. It was not a good thing for Israelites to marry people from another nation. The people of Moab worshipped idols. But Naomi had taught her sons about the true God so the two sons taught their wives about God also.

Now another sad thing happened. Mahlon and Chilion died. This left Naomi, Ruth and Orpah alone in the land of Moab. After a while Naomi heard the famine was over in the land of Bethlehem. Naomi told her two daughters-in-law that she would return to Bethlehem and they should go back to live with their parents. Orpah finally did and said good-bye to Naomi and went back to live in her old home. Ruth would not leave Naomi (Ruth 1:16-17). Ruth was very thankful to Naomi for teaching her about God. Ruth wanted to stay with Naomi so that she could always worship God as Naomi did. Ruth knew it was very important to serve God in the right way.

  1. What is a famine?
  2. Where did Elimelech and his family live before the famine?
  3. Did Ruth and Orpah go back to their homes? Which one did not return to her family in Moab?
  4. Which daughter-in-law stayed with Naomi? Why?

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