Lesson 67: Samson's Early Life

Many times in the past God had helped the Israelites to fight against their enemies. During this story God helped only Samson to fight against the enemies of Israel. The Israelites were afraid of the wicked Philistines, and they did not even offer to help Samson fight against them. But God was with Samson and made him very strong.

One time when Samson was going down to the county of the Philistines a lion came out and roared at Samson. Samson killed the lion with his two hands just as if the lion had been a little animal.

Many times Samson fought against the Philistines and chased them away all by himself. One time the Philistines thought they had Samson caught in their city. They said they would lock the gates of the city and in the morning when Samson would leave, they would get him and kill him. Samson did not wait until morning. Samson went to the gates of the city and picked the whole gate up and carried it up to the top of the hill. The lock on the gate did not stop Samson. Samson pulled up the gate posts and carried the gates with him.

The Philistines were wicked people and God wanted them punished. That is why God was with Samson. (Hebrews 11:32-34) We will learn some more about Samson in the next lesson.

  1. Where did Samson's great strength come from?
  2. What did Samson kill with his two hands?
  3. What was the name of the nation that Samson fought against?
  4. How did Samson escape from the city after the gates were locked?
  5. Why was Samson able to escape?

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