Lesson 63: The Destruction of Jericho

Do you remember the story in our last lesson where we learned about the wonderful thing God did for the Israelites? Yes, he opened the Jordan River for the people so that they could cross over into the promised land.

In our story this lesson, God is still doing wonderful things for the Israelites. God sent an angel to Joshua. The angel told Joshua just how the Israelites could take the city of Jericho. The city of Jericho was a strong city with very thick walls built all around the outside of the city. The Israelites knew that if they obeyed God, He would help them to take the city. So we will see how the Israelites showed their faith in God by obeying the instructions that the angel of God gave to Joshua.

The Israelites were to march around the city once each day. They were not to make a sound. They were just to march around the city and then go back to their camps until the next day. They were to do this for six days. Then on the seventh day they were to get up very early and march around the city seven times. Then Joshua would tell them to shout.

Let's see what happened when Joshua told the people to shout. This is what Joshua said, "Shout for the Lord hath given you the city." Right after all the people shouted the walls of the city fell down flat. So the Israelites were able to go into the city and take it.

Do you remember who the spies promised to save? Yes, the spies had promised Rahab that they would save her and her family. When the walls fell down the spies hurried to Rahab's house and saved her and her family (Joshua 6:22-25). Let us always remember that if we try to do what is right God will help us.

  1. What happened to the walls of Jericho when the people shouted?
  2. Did Joshua and the spies remember Rahab?
  3. Did God give the Israelites special instructions about the city of Jericho?
  4. Did the Israelites follow God's instructions?
  5. What lesson does this have for us? Should we follow God's instructions?
  6. How do we know what God wants us to do?

Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri