Lesson 61: Rahab and The Spies

This is a story about two spies. Instead of calling them spies we can call them servants or messengers. These two messengers were working for Joshua. Joshua sent them into the city of Jericho to see what kind of a city it was. After they had looked around the city they became tired and wanted to rest. They came to a house and asked the woman there if they could rest at her home. The woman's name was Rahab. Rahab was very kind to them and asked them to come into her house and rest. Rahab wanted to know all about the Israelites. The two men told Rahab about God and how God had been with the Israelites. Rahab believed the two messengers and she also believed that there was just one true God.

When the king of Jericho found out that the two messengers had been in his city he was angry and sent men to look for them. They came to Rahab's house looking for the two men, but Rahab took the men up on the top of her house and hid them. The king's men did not find them there. When the king's men were gone, Rahab asked the two messengers if they would save her and her family (Joshua 2:9-14). They told Rahab to put a scarlet (bright red) cord in her window, and when the Israelites came to destroy the city they would see the red cord and save her and her family. Then Rahab helped the men to get out of the city by letting them down with the bright red cord from her window.

The two messengers returned safely to Joshua and told him that the people in Jericho were afraid of the Israelites. It would be easy for the Israelites to take the city. They also told Joshua all about Rahab and how kind she had been to them.

  1. Who took in the two spies?
  2. What did Rahab put in the window so she and her family would be saved?
  3. Were the people in the land that the Israelites were commanded to take afraid of the God Israel?

Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri