Lesson 56: The Passover and the Destruction of Pharoah's Army

Now Moses and Aaron were about to perform the tenth and last plague, and Moses told the children of Israel to get ready to leave Egypt. He also told them that with this last plague, God was going to smite all the firstborn in the land of Egypt. There would be someone dead in every Egyptian household that night. This was a dreadful thing, but God had to make the Egyptians realize that He was the true God, and that He had to save His own people.

Moses told children of Israel that they were to sacrifice a lamb to God to save their families from the destroying angel. They were then to dip a bunch of hyssop in the blood of the lamb and then strike the lintel and door posts with the blood. When the destroying angel came to smite the Egyptians he would passover their homes when he saw the blood on the lintel and the door posts. This was called the Passover (Exodus 12:12-14).

When the destroying angel had passed over all the land of Egypt and the oldest child in every family of Egypt had died, Pharoah called for Moses and Aaron and told them to leave the land of Egypt with all the Hebrews right away.

The Hebrews were all very happy to leave Egypt, and they took many things with them that belonged to the Egyptians. God guided the Hebrews by a pillar of cloud in the daytime and a pillar of fire at night. When the Hebrews reached the Red Sea, Pharoah thought that this would be a good place to try to bring the Hebrews back to Egypt as slaves again. When the Hebrews looked back and saw the Egyptians coming, they became afraid. Moses prayed to God, and God caused the Red Sea to open and made a dry path for them to cross on. Then the Egyptians tried to cross behind them, but the water went back and closed the path. The wheels of their chariots came off, and they were stuck in the sea. The Egyptians were all drowned, but the Hebrews all escaped safely.

  1. What was the last plague called?
  2. What did the Hebrews put on their door posts?
  3. What happened at the Red Sea?

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