Lesson 39: Israel Goes Down to Egypt

Joseph was very happy to see his brothers again, and he was very glad to hear about his father, Jacob (Israel). Pharoah, too, and all the people of Egypt were also very glad to hear that Jacob was well and alive, because they liked Joseph very much.

Joseph told his brothers to hurry back to the land of Canaan and to bring his father Jacob to the land of Egypt. Joseph told his brothers that they and their father would live in the land of Goshen just outside of the land of Egypt. Joseph told them that they would all have lots of food to eat during the last five years of the famine.

The brothers all went back to Canaan to their father Jacob to bring him down to the land of Egypt. Joseph had sent many carts and wagons filled with food for their families to eat on the trip down to Egypt. The brothers told Jacob that Joseph was alive and he was the governor of all the land of Egypt.

On their way to Egypt, God appeared to Jacob and told him that he should not be afraid to go down to Egypt. (Genesis 46:2-4) God promises Jacob that he would be with him in the land of Egypt. God also promised Jacob that he would bring them up out of the land of Egypt again to return to their own land.

Joseph was very pleased to see his father, Jacob (Israel) again, and so were all the Egyptians. There were about seventy people who came down with Jacob to Egypt. Pharoah made Jacob and the brothers and their families all very comfortable in their new home. Joseph's brothers were shepherds in the land of Goshen.

  1. What did Joseph tell his brothers to do?
  2. What land was Joseph's father and brothers going to live in?
  3. What did Joseph send to Canaan with his brothers?
  4. Was Jacob happy to hear about Joseph?
  5. What did God tell Jacob?
  6. How many people went down to Egypt with Jacob?
  7. What did Joseph's brothers do in the land of Goshen?

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