Lesson 36: Joseph in Prison

In our last lesson we learned how Joseph was sold to the Ishmaelites for twenty pieces of silver and how he was put in prison.

In prison Joseph worked very hard. (Genesis 39:20-23) The keeper of the prison soon saw that Joseph could be trusted; and he made Joseph head over all the other prisoners. Joseph did not sit around and grumble because others had done evil unto him. No, he went around to the other prisoners and tried to make them happy.

Soon after Joseph was put in prison, Pharoah had two of his servants put into prison because they were believed to be planning evil against the king. One was the king's butler and the other was the king's baker. One morning Joseph spoke to the butler and the baker and asked them why they looked so sad. They told Joseph that they each had a dream and they did not understand what the dream meant. Joseph told them that only God could tell what dreams meant. The butler and the baker told Joseph what they each had dreamed, and because God was with Joseph he was able to tell them the meaning of the dreams.

The butler dreamed that he saw a grapevine with three branches full of grapes. The butler squeezed the juice from the grapes into the king's cup. Joseph told the butler that his dream meant that in three days the king would let the butler out of prison, and he would serve the king again.

The baker dreamed that he had three white baskets on his head. The top basket was full of food, and the birds came and ate the food. Joseph told the baker that the three baskets were three days. In three days the king would order the baker to be killed.

The baker must have done something that deserved great punishment. What Joseph told the butler and baker came true. In three days the king had a birthday and he took the butler back to serve him, but he ordered the baker to be killed.

When Joseph told the butler the meaning of the dream, the butler was very thankful to Joseph. So Joseph asked the butler to remember him when he was out of prison. Joseph explained to the butler that he had never done any wrong, and that he should not be in prison. The butler was not as kind to Joseph as he should have been, for it was two years before he remembered Joseph. We will learn more about this in our next lesson.

  1. How did Joseph act in prison?
  2. What two servants did Pharaoh send to prison?
  3. What did the butler dream?
  4. What did the butler's dream mean?
  5. What did the baker dream?
  6. What did the baker's dream mean?
  7. Did the dreams come true?
  8. How long was it before the butler remembered Joseph?

Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri