Lesson 34: Joseph and His Dreams

Jacob had twelve sons. Joseph was Jacob's second youngest son, and Jacob showed his love for Joseph by giving him a very special coat. This coat was beautiful and of many colors. Joseph had many older brothers who did not like Joseph, and they were very jealous of him. We all know that we should love our brothers and sisters, and we should not be jealous of anyone.

One night when Joseph was about seventeen years old, he had a dream about himself and his brothers. In the dream Joseph and his brothers were in a field tying up bundles of grain, these bundles were called sheaves. The sheaves of Joseph's brothers all bowed down to Joseph's sheaves. When Joseph told his brothers about this dream they became more angry at him instead of trying to understand the dream. They all thought that Joseph wanted to rule over them.

Later on Joseph dreamed another dream. (Genesis 37:9-11) This time it was about the sun, moon, and eleven stars all bowing down to Joseph's star. When Joseph told his father and brothers about this dream, they knew that the sun and moon stood for their father and mother, and the eleven stars stood for Joseph's eleven brothers. Joseph's brothers hated Joseph still more because of this dream, but Joseph's father thought about the dream and was not angry at Joseph.

In these two dreams God was trying to get Joseph ready for a great work he would have to do in a little while. We will learn more about this in our next lesson.

  1. How many sons did Jacob have?
  2. What did Jacob give Joseph?
  3. What did Joseph dream about in his first dream?
  4. What did Joseph dream about in his second dream?
  5. How did Joseph's brethren feel about the dream?

Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri