Lesson 30: Jacob Leaves Laban

God spoke to Jacob and told him that he could now return to his own home. (Genesis 31:13) God said that He would be with Jacob. God had blessed Jacob just as God had promised to do. We see that Jacob had learned a great lesson. He had learned to be patient and wait for God to direct him. When Jacob was younger, he had not waited for God to tell him how to get the birthright and the blessing. But now Jacob had learned to trust in God and to wait for his directions.

Jacob wanted very much to return to his own land. God had blessed him and made him rich while he worked for Laban, but Laban was not an honest man to work for. Laban was jealous of Jacob. Jacob called his two wives, Rachel and Leah, and told them the good news, that they could return to Jacob's own land. Both Rachel and Leah were also glad to go with Jacob because they knew too, that their father Laban had not been kind to Jacob. So Jacob and all his family and flocks got ready and left the home of Laban to return to Jacob's home.

Three days later Laban discovered that Jacob had left with all his goods and family. This made Laban very angry and he set out to bring him back. Laban did not want to lose Jacob because he knew that Jacob had been a very good shepherd and that because of him, he too had been made rich. However, God spoke to Laban in a dream and warned him not to harm Jacob or his family. When Laban found Jacob, he tried to be friendly, but Jacob was firm and would not go back with Laban. Then Laban said that Jacob had stolen his idols. Jacob had not done this and he did not know that Rachel had taken them. Jacob was so sure that they did not have the idols that he said to Laban, "Whoever has your idols that person shall not live." Laban searched everyone but could not find the idols. Rachel had hidden them and sat on top of them. This was not right of Rachel. The idols were not hers and Jacob would not want her to have them because Jacob taught all his family that there was only one God. We, too, only worship one God. He is the father of our Lord Jesus Christ. We learn that Rachel was soon to die after they returned to Jacob's land. Perhaps, this was punishment from God.

Laban did not find the idols so he made a promise to Jacob that in the future neither of them would harm the other. So Laban kissed his two daughters and their children and then returned to his home in Haran.

  1. Who told Jacob that he could return to his own land?
  2. What was the great lesson that Jacob had learned?
  3. Had Laban been honest and fair to Jacob?
  4. Were Rachel and Leah glad to go with Jacob?
  5. What did Laban do when he learned that Jacob and his family had left?
  6. Why didn't Laban try to harm Jacob and his family?
  7. Why did Laban want Jacob to come back and work for him?
  8. Did Jacob steal Laban's idols? Who did?
  9. Was it right for Rachel to take her father's idols?
  10. What happened to Rachel?

Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri