Lesson 22: Jesus Heals the Paralysed Man

We are going to study about some of the miracles which Jesus performed. To perform or do a miracle was to do something for the people which they were not able to do themselves. How was Jesus able to perform miracles? God gave Jesus the power to do them. When Jesus performed a miracle it helped the people to realize that Jesus was doing God's work and that he was sent by God. Many of the people believed Jesus when they saw him do miracles and their faith was strengthened.

One day when Jesus was in the city of Capernaum, crowds of sick people came to him to be made well. There were so many people that they filled the house where Jesus was and crowded around outside the house also. In those days the houses were different from ours. They had houses with flat roofs. They had a stairway on the outside of the house leading to to the top of the roof. Sometimes on a warm evening the people would sit up on the roof top. Sometimes they would sleep up there. Their beds were also different from ours. They didn't have a nice thick mattress and spring and bedstead to sleep on. They only had a thin mattress like a thick pad that could be rolled up easily and put out of the way. Their houses were not as large as ours. Perhaps during the day the rolled their beds up to make more space in the room.

About this time there was a man who was very ill. When his friends heard that Jesus was in the city they came and told the sick man. The sick man wanted very much to go to Jesus. He believed that if he could only see Jesus, Jesus could make him better. But the man was paralysed, which means that he could not move or get out of his bed. The sick man's friends had great faith in Jesus also. They said that they would try very hard to get the sick man to Jesus. They showed great kindness to the sick man. Each man took a corner of the mattress that the sick man was lying on and carried him to the house where Jesus was. They saw great crowds of people all around the house and didn't know how to get in to Jesus. Then they thought about the stairway that led to the roof of the house. They went up the stairs to the roof. They uncovered part of the roof. Then they tied a rope to each corner of the mattress and let the sick man down into the room where Jesus was. When Jesus saw such great faith, he was very happy and made the sick man well again. (Mark 2:5-12)

As we grow older, let us try to have faith like these men did. Let us believe in Jesus as these men did. Let us try to help our friends to come to Jesus like the sick man's friends helped him.

  1. Can you explain what a miracle is?
  2. How was Jesus able to do miracles?
  3. Can you tell me something about the houses that they had in the time of Jesus?
  4. What kind of beds did they have in the days of Jesus?
  5. Why couldn't the sick man go to Jesus himself?
  6. How did the men get the sick man to Jesus?
  7. Why was Jesus happy to make the sick man well?

Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri