Lesson 18: The Temptation of Jesus

We are going to learn a little about Jesus' life. We must remember that Jesus was God's only son. God gave Jesus some of His Spirit (power). Jesus was able to use this power to help people who wanted to know more about God. Jesus was able to do many wonderful things, such as making sick people well again. These wonderful things Jesus did were called miracles. When Jesus performed these miracles it helped many people to believe in him. It helped them to know that Jesus was the Son of God.

Even though Jesus had power from God, he still had trials or tests to overcome for himself. He had to build a strong character so that he would be able to do God's will all the time.

One time that Jesus was tried was soon after his baptism. Jesus was led into the wilderness alone. In the wilderness he thought about the many things he would have to do for the people whom he wanted to save. Jesus knew that because he had the Power of God he could use that power anytime to help him. But Jesus did not want to use this power to help himself. Jesus only wanted to use the power to help others. Jesus wanted God's word (the Scriptures or the Bible) to help him. Jesus knew that the Bible, God's word, was the greatest help that he could have. We are told that the scriptures can make us wise and save us. (2 Timothy 3:15-17) Jesus knew the scriptures very well. Because Jesus knew the Scriptures so well, he was able to overcome any temptations or trials that he had. Although Jesus was tempted, or tried, he never did any wrong at all.

We must try hard to be like Jesus. You can read and study your Bible. There we can learn just how God wants us to act. If we do anything wrong, we must pray and ask for forgiveness. Because Jesus never sinned or did anything wrong, Jesus was able to be raised from the grave. He is now in heaven where he asks God to forgive us.

1. Who was God's only son?
2. What did God give to Jesus that could help him?
3. What is another word for "Spirit"?
4. What did Jesus do for the sick people?
5. What did Jesus want to use God's Spirit for?
6. What was it that helped Jesus the most to overcome his trials?
7. Did Jesus ever sin?
8. Where can we find out how to please God?
9. Should we try to be like Jesus?
10. Where is Jesus now?
Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri