Lesson 16: The Birth of Jesus Part 2

In our last lesson we learned that Mary lived in the city of Nazareth. The baby of Jesus was not born in Nazareth, but he was born in the town of Bethlehem. The reason Mary and Joseph had to go to the town of Bethelem was that a decree, or law, had been made by the king that all the people had to be enrolled. This meant that the king wanted a list of everyone's name. So, everyone had to go to the town of their birth or where their families came from. Both Mary and Joseph were descended from King David who was born in Bethlehem. So we find Mary and Joseph in the town of Bethlehem where the baby Jesus was born. (Luke 2:4-11)

When Mary and Joseph arrived in town it was very crowded with many other people who had also come to be enrolled. Mary and Joseph had to sleep in a stable because they couldn't find any room to stay in. In this stable in Bethlehem, Jesus was born.

About this time, wise men from the East came to Jerusalem. They went to the King's palace to find out where Jesus was, because they had seen his star in the East. They wanted to worship him. When King Herod heard this, he asked the Jewish wise men where Jesus should be born. These Jewish wise men were able to tell him that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem, beause they had read their Bibles often. The Bible foretold that Jesus would be born in Bethlehem. Before the wise men left the palace the king told them to come back to tell him where Jesus was, so he too, could worship Jesus. The wise ment left the king and a star guided them to where Jesus was. Jesus was now in a house with Mary and Joseph. The wise men brought Jesus many gifts.

When the wise men left Bethlehem for their homes they did not return to tell Herod where Jesus was. They had been warned in a dream by God that the king was wicked, and they were not going to tell him where Jesus was. King Herod had told the wise men that he wanted to worship Jesus. This was not true. The wicked king wanted to kill Jesus. Now, because Herod did not know just where Jesus was, he ordered all the children under the age of two, in Bethlehem and nearby places, to be slain. This was a very cruel and wicked thing for anyone to do. God spoke to Joseph again in a dream and told him to take Mary and the baby Jesus and flee to the land of Egypt where they would be safe from the wicked king. (Matthew 2:13-15) This shows how God takes care of those who love and obey Him.

Sometime later when Herod had died, another angel appeared to Joseph in Egypt and told him that it was safe to return to the land of Israel. So he arose and took the child and Mary and returned and lived in the city of Nazareth.

  1. Why did Mary and Joseph have to go to the town of Bethlehem?
  2. Why didn't Mary and Joseph find a room to stay in, in Bethlehem?
  3. Where was Jesus born?
  4. Who was it that came from the East to visit and worship Jesus?
  5. Who was able to tell the wise men where to find Jesus?
  6. How did the Jewish men know where Jesus was to be born?
  7. Where did the wise men find Mary, Joseph and Jesus?
  8. What did the wise men bring to Jesus?
  9. Why didn't the wise men return and tell Herod where Jesus was?
  10. How did God save Jesus from the wicked king?
  11. What city did Mary, Joseph and Jesus return to after Herod was dead?

Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri