Lesson 12: A Wife for Isaac

As Isaac grew older Abraham wanted him to have a good wife (a wife that would help him serve God). Abraham knew that all the people living near them worshipped false gods. They had gods of wood and stone. Our fathers and mothers want us to choose good friends too because they know that we will be happier if we have friends and companions that try to please God.

Isaac's mother, Sarah, had died and now Isaac was lonely. He had loved his mother very much. So Abraham spoke to his trusted servant. (Genesis 24:2-4) Abraham asked him to travel to the city of Haran where his brother's family lived. There he was to find a wife for Isaac from Abraham's relatives, because they were people who were not as wicked as the people of Canaan.

Abraham gave him many presents to take to his brother's family. He took ten camels to carry him, his food, and all the presents. After many days he came to a well in Haran and sat down and prayed to God.

It was the custom in those days for all the young ladies to go to the wells to draw water. So Abraham's servant prayed to God and asked Him to help him find a wife for Isaac. He asked God to let this wife for Isaac be the only lady who came to the well and offered to give him a drink and to give his camels water. Immediately his prayer was answered by God. He noticed a young woman who had filled her pitcher at the well and he ran to meet her. He asked for a drink of water. She offered to get water for him and his camels. When they were through drinking, he asked her what were the names of her parents. She told him their names and Abraham's servant realized she was a relative of his master Abraham. (Genesis 24:24) Her name was Rebekah. She told him to come home with her and meet her father, mother, and brother, Laban. She told him they that they had plenty of food to take care of the camels, also. He was very thankful to God because he knew now that God was with him, guiding him.

Rebekah's family was very kind to Abraham's servant and wanted him to stay with them for a while. He explained to them that he was anxious to get back home to Abraham and Isaac. So they asked Rebekah if she was willing to go with him and become Isaac's wife. Rebekah was willing and soon she and her nurse were ready for the trip.

Isaac was very happy to have Rebekah for his wife. She was a great comfort to him after the death of his mother.

  1. Why did Abraham want Isaac to have a wife from among his relatives?
  2. What kind of friends should we choose?
  3. What was the name of Abraham's trusted servant?
  4. What did Abraham ask his eldest servant to do for Isaac?
  5. What did Abraham give his servant to take to his family?
  6. Where did Abraham's servant sit down and pray to God?
  7. How did God answer Abraham's servant's prayer?
  8. What was Rebekah's brother's name?
  9. Was Rebekah willing to become Isaac's wife?
  10. Was Isaac glad to have Rebekah for his wife?

Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri