Lesson 5: Noah Saved in the Ark

There were eight people whom God saved in the ark. After the ark was ready and everything was in the ark, God shut the door. Then the flood and the rain began to come. It rained for forty days and for forty nights. It was too late for the wicked people to be saved.

Now everything was covered with water, but the ark floated on the top of the water. After awhile, the ark came to rest on the top of Mount Ararat.

After a long time the waters began to go down. Noah wanted to find out if the ground was dry. So Noah sent a raven out of the window of the ark. The raven did not return. Then Noah sent out a dove. The dove returned to Noah because it could not find a nice dry tree to nest in. The second time Noah sent the dove out, it returned to him with the leaf of an olive tree. Then Noah knew that everything was getting dry. The next time Noah sent the dove out it did not return, because it could find plenty to eat and everything was dry.

Then God spoke to Noah and told him it was safe for them to leave the ark. Noah and his family were very thankful to God for His very great care. So Noah prayed to God and thanked Him. Let us try to remember to thank God when we pray to Him for the wonderful care God takes of us.

God made a wonderful promise to Noah. God said that He would never send a flood like that again. (Genesis 9:11-17) For a sign of God's promise, God put the rainbow in the sky. So when we see the rainbow in the sky, will you remember that it is a sign that God will never again destroy the earth?

1. How many people were saved in the ark?
2. How many days and nights did it rain?
3. How did Noah show his thanks to God?
4. What does the rainbow remind us of?
Memory Work:

    Question: Where can we find what God wants us to do?

    Answer: In the Bible.

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