Lesson 4: Noah Told to Build an Ark

Noah was a good man who tried to serve and please God. Noah and his wife taught their three sons also to obey God. Noah's three sons were Shem, Ham and Japheth.

There were many people living at the time of Noah. All the other people were wicked. They did not try to obey God. They would not even listen to Noah when he tried to teach them about God. Sometimes the people even laughed at Noah. God became very angry with the people. God told Noah that He (God) was going to destroy all the people and the animals, too, by sending a terrible flood of water upon the land (Genesis 6:17).

Now God loved Noah and his family. So, God wanted to save Noah from this terrible flood. God told Noah to build an ark. This ark was to be like a big ship. Noah and his family were to go into this ark. Then they would be safe from this terrible flood. God also told Noah to take some of the animals into the ark. Noah was going to be in the ark for just a little over a year. This is a very long time. They would need lots of food. We can imagine how busy Noah and his family would be getting all the food ready to take into the ark.

God told Noah exactly how to make the ark. The ark was to be made of gopher wood. It was to be three stories high. The ark was to have one door and one window. Noah was to put a pitch on the inside and the outside of the ark to keep all the water out.

Next, we will learn how Noah and his family are saved in the ark.

1. Did Noah and his family try to please God?
2. How many sons did Noah have?
3. At the time of Noah were all the other people wicked?
4. Did the wicked people listen to Noah?
5. What was going to happen to all the wicked people?
6. How was God going to save Noah and his family?
7. How many floors did the ark have?
8. How many windows did the ark have?
9. How many doors did the ark have?
10. What was Noah to take into the ark with him?
Memory Work:

    Question: Who made all things?

    Answer: God.

    Question: Can God be anywhere?

    Answer: Yes, God can be anywhere by His power.

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