Lesson 1: Learning About God

God is our Heavenly Father. We all have fathers and mothers whom we love very much and our fathers and mothers love us very much. Our Heavenly Father loves every single one of us. In fact, He is the One who has done the most for us. He has done more for us than we know. So we should try our very best to love God and do the things that we know will make God happy. Now one thing that we can do to honor God and make Him happy is to learn all we can about Him. The Bible is the Book that God has given to us. From the Bible we can read and learn all about God and His Son, Jesus Christ. We can also learn what we must do to please God from the Bible.

In the Bible we learn that God lives in Heaven. We all know that Heaven is above our earth, so when we are outdoors and look up, we are looking up to the Heavens. God is very powerful. Because of His Power, God can be everywhere. Not just in Heaven, but God can be all over at one time by his power. God is everywhere by His power.

God has given us everything, so we must learn to thank God for the food we eat. We must thank Him for the homes we live in. We must thank Him for keeping us well. We must thank Him for giving us good mothers and fathers, and for everything else that we have. We should be thankful at all times. (1 Thessalonians 5:18) We should thank God in our prayers at night when we go to bed. It is good to thank God in the morning when we wake up. We should thank God before we eat the food that He has provided or given to us. We must always remember to be thankful to God for all His many blessings and for His kindness to us.

  1. In what book do we learn about God?
  2. Where does God live?
  3. How can God be everywhere?
  4. Why should we thank God for all things?

Kid's Bible Lesssons provided by the Las Cruces Berean Christadelphian Ecclesia. Original setup: Bro. Lenny Naglieri